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Right between Zagreb and Adriatic coast, you will find Karlovac County, a perfect destination if you wish to meet the Croatia’s more continental side. Exciting green landscapes filled with activities and cultural heritage are ideally explored by car and are a favourite destination for an active vacation. The natural wealth of forests and rivers have left a deep mark in the tradition of the Karlovac region, and its location in central Croatia, at the border between the north and south, has marked its history.

Plitvice Lakes

Water is the driving force of all nature

Plitvice Lakes is one of the world’s great natural wonders, a lush and pristine valley with 16 dazzling terraced lakes, 90 waterfalls and several kilometres of boardwalk. Often described as the most beautiful national park in Europe, Plitvice regularly makes lists of undiscovered gems or hidden secrets of Europe, only an hour away from us.

Rastoke, a village where the Slunjcica River flows into the Korana River, is located near the town of Slunj, less than an hour drive from our estate. According to the first records, this watermill village was created as early as the 17th century, and in the late 19th century local inhabitants decided to make dwellings exactly where the Slunjcica River flows into the Korana River. Rastoke village was known for its mills and wooden houses used for grinding grain. 


Persistent as a river

Caves of Barac

Beauty without depth is just decoration

Croatia is a speleological paradise. Not many countries in the world have so much surface covered in karst. Over fifty per cent of Croatian territory is made of limestone abundant with endemic species of cave fauna  and valuable paleontological and archaeological findings. A small number of caves and pits has been turned into tourist sites. Caves of Barac are located some six kilometres to the east of Rakovica (highway Zagreb-Split) and are a home to as many as 2 species of bats and a habitat for as many as 17 endangered plant species.

A fort from the 15th century situated on one of the nearest hills in Karlovac boasts a beautiful natural setting and great views of the city. In summer some organized events take place, such as concerts in the fort and a medieval festival. It takes about 30 minutes to get here on foot from the city center, which can prove to be an enjoyable walk through tree-lined Marmontova avenue, and then a short climb on the forested slopes of the hill the fort is built on.

Old Town Dubovac

No one is too old for fairy tales


The town on four rivers

Founded in the 16th century as defence against the Turkish army with a layout of a six-pointed star which can only be found in Palmanova in Italy and Novy Zamky in Slovakia. 
Karlovac lies on four rivers which is the reason why the city used to be the trading centre for a long time. In the 18th and 19th century, it was one of the richest cities in Croatia. This Renaissance city, located in central Croatia, has always been a link to the Adriatic coast because of its location, only half an hour from Ekodrom Estate.

Timeless and elegant, Zagreb is a city that draws you in slowly with vibrant food markets, everyday cafe culture, lush greenery and a host of street festivals. Where other cities attract with charismatic yet prepackaged tourist attractions, Zagreb delights with its human-scale graciousness and the attitude towards life. Only an hour away lies the capital city and all its’ pleasures.


The city with million hearts

Petrova Gora

Where nature and decaying history meet

Petrova gora is one of the most beautiful and most preserved mountain forest landscapes in Croatia, protected due to its exceptional natural worth. The area is full of deep ditches, watercourses and springs and nature lovers find it interesting in all seasons.The monument simply known as the Petrova Gora Monument celebrates the uprising and resistance movement of the people against nazi-fascism built on Veliki Petrovac, the highest peak.

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